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Flatbush Solar is making electricity accessible and affordable, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and contributing towards socio-economic and sustainable growth. We are fully dedicated to energy and focused on project development, engineering, and plant operation.


We work closely with our clients on site to gain an understanding of the current energy generation setup. Flatbush analyzes the demand profile, existing generation equipment and site conditions.

Regulatory Approvals

Flatbush will ensure that your system is fully compliant with the local regulations and laws, and can apply on your behalf for all required permits and approvals necessary to operate a solar system in your area.

Design & Execution

We work closely with our partners to successfully engineer, procure and construct the solar power plant. Only field tested and bankable products from leading technology providers are utilized and customized to fit the needs of each client.


Provide operation and maintenance services to continually ensure your system is operating to its maximum efficiency for the lifetime of the plant.


Flatubsh can provide a full financing solution. This allows our clients to purchase cheap solar energy through a power purchase agreement immediately without upfront investment.

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